How to Take a Stronger Lead towards Your Weight Loss Goal Like You Do In Business

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What has been your best asset so far? The vehicle driving your business forward? Your brain! And what did you do with your body while your beautiful mind was building your success? It got left behind and is now struggling like a worn out car to keep you going still. No matter how hard you try to work around it, issues such as excess weight, constant fatigue and lack of energy, health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.

It is always hard to admit, and it was very hard for me too, that despite the success of having done everything perfectly, there was something you left out, forgot, or simply did not care as much about: your health.

And this is not an issue of vanity: big boss, has all the money, now he/she wants to buy “the looks.” Not even by far. But having a failing body and a growing success is more common than you think, especially for people who did it ALL from scratch, did not let go of the steering wheel, not even when they had big teams of individuals working for them.

So what is there to be done? You are a smart person in business. It is time to be a smart person and handle this problem as well. No use hitting the gym daily and counting calories, especially when you do not have months to see whether this new program is going to pay off or not.

What have you been doing to your body so far? The four main mistakes

Let’s see if we can give you an image of how your body feels and operates right now.

1. Sleep deprived – We know, it comes with the territory of growing a successful business. Now, regardless of whether you are too stressed to sleep through the night, or simply do not hit the sack until the early hours of the morning and you are back on your feet a few hours later, the damage is the same.

When you are sleep deprived, you operate on lower energy levels than you need. This means that you will either always be reaching for immediate energy boosts such as coffee and sweets or a high-calorie snack. Dr. Michael Breus gives us an explanation for this in his book Beauty Sleep. What happens is that you mess up the balance between ghrelin (the hormone that tells you to eat) and leptin (the hormone that tells you that you have had enough). So you get more ghrelin and less leptin. Surely you can do the math, or at least you can remember those trips to the fridge late at night.

entrepreneur sleeping on work desk2. What do you do when you feel you are low on energy? You grab another coffee? And when the effect only lasts for one hour, you double it with a chocolate donut, something, glazed, something very sweet. And if everything else fails, you grab an energy drink. All of this preferably in the late hours of the afternoon, right before dinner.

Now I know for a fact that whenever you do this, you immediately suffer a crash in energy levels, your ability to focus is diminished, and you get irritated so quickly. And you think it is all due to stress and the job. It is not.

What this does to your body? Sugar has no nutritional value at all. You are only ingesting empty calories. Once the liver is done storing the glucose from the sugar you have eaten, it will start turning the excess into fat. And you were avoiding that piece of juicy steak because you thought it would be too fattening…

3. Overdoing it with exercise – You are not a lazy person, so going to the gym did not scare you. Sure, it takes up time, hurts more than it feels good, and the results of your effort are very limited. But you only thought that you need to give it time. Much more time. And since you cannot give it more of your time a day, you are planning to invest in a long-term weight loss plan, because it seems like the only alternative.

In reality, you are overdoing it. You are stuffing your body with false energizers, you are doing your workout without processing the idea, and you are simply going through the motions, hoping it will pay off in the end somehow. Most people fall into the trap of eating fewer calories and working out more. When this fails to work, they lower their caloric intake and exercise even more. This results in mental and physical fatigue, and it leads to an accelerated cell aging process and boosted inflammation.

4. Finally… the meals you think are healthy – The fact that you want to eat healthy meals is a great thing. But it represents only 30% of the actual process. Getting educated in what healthy food means and when and how to eat it are different things altogether.


What are these mistakes leading up to?

Do you know that moment when you are so deep into your own thoughts that you forget to press the brake at a traffic light and, without you noticing, the car is slowly moving toward the car in front of you? All of this time, you day dreaming. So you either come to your senses or end up bumping the car in front.

Once the impact is produced, you wonder why ever did you not just push the break at any moment when you had the chance? This is what is happening to your body right now. Without your mind completely in it and without the brakes firmly pressed, it is slowly moving toward a moment of impact when it will be too late to change anything.

Take diabetes for example. You may already have it, or you may be one small “car crawl” toward it. In reality, every piece of bread, every dessert, and refined sugar snack are pushing you toward it. Every moment you toss and turn in bed and every second of stress are like pushing you toward diabetes. And you are not even aware of it. If you already have it, you are making it worse and damaging even more of your body in the process.

heart healthy lifestyle for entrepreneur

What you could be doing to help your body catch up with the rest of your success

Do not hog all your energy and enthusiasm for your business alone. There are great and intelligent things you could be doing to improve your physical condition. Try solving these four issues I have just presented by adding ketosis and intermittent fasting to the mix. You will not have to wait to turn 50 before you feel good about yourself again.

4 major mistakes – Fixed with IF + Ketosis

1.Pay off your sleep debt

Looking back on how our ancestors used to live (not that I do not recognize the obvious advances of society, but because they were much more in tune with their body’s needs and natural rhythm), I know we sleep too little and eat too much. Modern Humans sleep on average 6.5 hours because we also have a lot of distractions. Back in the day, they went to bed as the sun started to set and they slept for as much as their bodies needed to get fueled up. This is a natural way to recharge energy and not have to supplement from outside sources.

The right amount of sleep will also regulate the balance between ghrelin and leptin, and we will feel less urge to overeat during the day. Sweet deal, right? Under these conditions, it will be easier for you to practice intermittent fasting and you will not rush to the carbs plate. Instead, you can let your body burn out the energy naturally gathered throughout the night, let it operate nicely throughout the first hours of the day, then offer it a nice lunch with healthy fats. Those healthy leptin levels will tell you when to stop. Win, win, win, right?

2.Real energy boosters

Once you get the first step solved, this second one will no longer be much of a problem. Even so, there will be times when an energy boost will be more than welcome. Coffee is still on the list. I personally recommend drinking it with some butter to give you a real kick-start with some healthy fats as well.smiley-face-coffee

However, NEVER break your fast with sweets and junk food. This is the worst thing you could do. First up, you would be increasing your blood sugar rapidly. Once it starts to go down, your body will feel the need to get it back up, meaning that it will require another dose of sugar in the form of a dessert or more processed foods. This will turn into a day-long cycle.

I have been in that cycle for many times as it was the main mistake I used to make. I knew from the first bite of the chocolate bar that the day was going to be ruined. I would not be able to focus and my moods will depend solely on the sugar levels in my blood. All I’d do those day would be to keep up the kick without being able to break out of the cycle.

Another mistake is clock watching. Intermittent fasting requires about 12 to 16 hours of unbroken fast to yield results of any kind. You can expect to be a constant clock-watcher on your first few weeks, but you will get the hang of it.

Turn to snacking only after you have had your lunch and only eat healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, or cheese. Even something sweet in the right amount (a very concerning study showed that in 2008, Americans were eating around 19 teaspoons of sugar a day), is acceptable.

Also, do not overdo it with the coffee. It is a great booster, and it gives you a sense of having ingested something and not have left the house on an entirely empty stomach. But you do not want to increase your heart rate to an elevated level. No excess, please.

3.High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Stop working your heart out at the gym for two hours a day. It is time-consuming, exhausting and it rarely pays off for many people who are simply “going” to the gym, “doing” the routines, “waiting” for the results. And since we already eentrepreneur hiit trainingestablished that time is a commodity, maybe working out in a smarter way would be a better option for you.

High-Intensity Interval Training can get your heart pumping and your body in great shape much faster. You no longer need to invest all that extra time.

There is also talk that endurance training does not go hand in hand with the ketogenic diet. With carbs off the table, literally, your body will burn fat in small bursts, making HIIT a good option, but doing an hour-long session at the gym less likely (although why you would waste time there when you no longer need it is a mystery to me).

One thing to remember is that the ketogenic diet is a LOW carbohydrate diet, not a NO carb diet. Simply be smart about it and eat those healthy carbs at the end of a workout session. With low blood sugar post workout, your body will send sugar to the muscles to help them recover and grow.

4.Healthy food

This is the ketogenic diet 101: high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Once you understand these proportions, you will be on your way toward the foods that actually help burn fat.

What is great about doing these three things is that you eliminate processed foods, which is always a GREAT idea. I know it’s hard. It was difficult for me too, but once you get to see the first results you can never go back. Healthy food means high-quality fatty meats and fish, whole fat dairy products, whole grains to the extent in which you can tolerate gluten, fruit, and lots of vegetables. Slow cooked meals are the key to any healthy diet, and there is no going around this one.

Now, these slow-cooked whole, healthy and fatty meals are enough for the body’s energy supply. They contain no addictive substances, no chemicals intended to boost ghrelin and enable leptin production. Your satiety levels will still be met, but this time you will know it. Paired with intermittent fasting, you will get rich meals that fill you and get you back on your feet, instead of in the vicious cycle looking for more and more things to eat.

For those of you still afraid of the concept of eating meals high in fat, know that the ketogenic diet actually has beneficial effects on improving certain medical conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. It also has shown to decrease the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, adult acne, polycystic ovary syndrome.

Healthy entrepreneur eating while working

Your well-deserved bonuses. You’re welcome!

Intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet will not only help you lose weight in a far more intelligent and efficient way, but it will also improve your health considerably. By controlling what you eat and when IF and Keto can regulate your blood sugar and will help you keep it under control without too much stress. Think about no longer having to feel thrown back and forth by what is going on in your body, simply because it is not chaotic anymore. If you are a diabetic, this should be a treat. As mentioned before, you’re welcome!

Don’t worry, you do not have to do this alone

I know this is an awful lot of information for you to take in and that seems like it will take a lot of time to wrap your head around the concepts. And since we have already established that time is something of a luxury for any entrepreneur still in charge of his/her own business, we must find another way around it.

In this article, I have presented only 4 of the biggest mistakes people make. These are the major things everybody should be fixing. And even if you intervene on each of them a little, you will still feel like you have done something right and get some results right away. Start caring more about your sleep, for example, do smart instead of long workouts and cut out the sweets and the processed food. You will still get results.

Now imagine what great results you would get with a little help on the intermittent fasting and on the keto diet part. After all, when time is a commodity, how much of it can you invest into waiting for minor changes to give amazing results?

Call now and get started!

Sign up for a free 30-minute discussion about nutrition and about how the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting can be a safe way for you to get back in shape and look as successful as you are in your business. Put half an hour into a conversation that will present exactly how IF and Ketosis can work wonders for you.


This article is part of a monthly series all about hacking your diet.

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