Meditation’s Role in the Entrepreneur’s Life

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mysticism:Does Meditation Have a Place in the Entrepreneur’s Life?

Meditation for the Biohacking Entrepreneur: Part One

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In this series, we will be examining the purpose of meditation in the biohacking entrepreneur’s life, the scientifically proven benefits of meditation, and the best meditation techniques for beginners.

The thoughts we “consume” are just as important as the food we consume

The thoughts we “consume” are just as important as the food we consume

When we discuss the direct impact the food we consume has on the effectiveness and potential of our mind and body, this scientifically proven fact is quickly accepted by most entrepreneurs without batting an eye. Why is it that when we discuss the direct impact the thoughts we consume have on our maximum potential, this is a much harder concept for many to swallow? Let us know what you think in the comments, but regardless of where you stand, I think the facts will prove to be mind-blowing (pun intended).

Meditation has long been confined to being practiced by New Age spiritualists, Buddhists, or other religious movements. We set out to evaluate it the same way the biohacking entrepreneur evaluates any other biohack or potential effectiveness multiplier…by reviewing the scientific data and documenting its affects on our personal lives.

Today, we will be discussing:

  • What is meditation?
  • How our bias regarding the health benefits of meditation changed once we reviewed the data
  • An overview of the scientific benefits of meditation
  • The purpose of meditation in the busy entrepreneur’s life
  • A free guide on how to meditate for beginners (this is the only quick start guide you will need to start realizing the medical benefits of meditation now)

Meditation is often thought of as a religious activity, however, a scientific approach to meditation is gaining popularity

Meditation is often thought of as a religious activity, however, a scientific approach to meditation is gaining popularity

Different Things to Different People

One of the biggest reasons many entrepreneurs are reluctant to consider meditation is the vast number of techniques, beliefs, and definitions that are encompassed by the word. Most religions utilize some form of meditation and it has often been portrayed as an effort to transcend reality and achieve a closer view of the divine, or a realization of an individual’s divinity. This falls into the category of Transcendental Meditation. While there are some medical benefits associated with this type of meditation, in this series we will be focusing on a more scientific approach to meditation known as mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation
(Open Monitoring)

This type of meditation seems to have the most scientifically proven benefits and is a more modern approach, often being stripped of any religious or spiritual significance. The goal of this type of meditation is to increase awareness of your thoughts and circumstances and focus your energy and efforts on the present moment, essentially increasing your mindfulness in day to day activities, as well as reducing your reactive emotional responses to events. This assists in being able to see events in an unbiased light, take them into perspective, and focus your energy on finding a solution. Instead of focusing on any one object and shutting all others out during meditation, you work to slow down, observe, and direct focused attention at your thoughts and feelings, without judgment, as they arise.
Examples: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Vipassana meditation, Mindfulness

Focused Attention Meditation (Concentration or Mantra)

A large number of meditation techniques fall under this category, in which the goal is to focus on a singular object or thought to the point where all others are shut out. In yogic meditation, this often involves focusing on different energy points, or a visual reference point in front of you.
Examples: Chakra meditation, Buddhist meditation, Mantra meditation, etc.

Transcendental Meditation
(Effortless Presence)

This is the most spiritual and/or religious form of meditation. The goal is to achieve a state of emptiness, eliminating all thoughts, helping one move closer to a divinity or their own divinity. It is also considered to be the least effective from a medical or scientific viewpoint.
Examples: Dzogchen, some Taoist meditations, Mahamudra

Do Not Underestimate the Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can be utilized for its health benefits and its ability to boost direction and productivity

Meditation can be utilized for its health benefits and its ability to boost direction and productivity
Image Copyrights by Moyan Brenn

They sound like stories out of a fantasy novel. From the “Ice Man,” who can withstand life-threatening temperatures with little effect, to the European monk whose ability to physically recover from stress was around 20 times that of the average human being, fascinating examples of the power of meditation have arisen over the years and scientists are taking notice. We will get in to more detail regarding medical benefits in later parts of this series, but today we want to provide an overview of the scientifically proven benefits of meditation most relevant to the biohacking entrepreneur.

  • Decreases stress: to the biohacking entrepreneur, who is pressing the limits of what his/her body can accomplish, one of the greatest dangers to the fine balance we build to maximize our potential is stress.
  • Reduces anxiety: anxiety paralyzes the biohacking entrepreneur’s decision making abilities and increases stress levels.
  • Boosts immune system: as the biohacking entrepreneur pushes the limits of their physical and mental capacity, they need to compensate by also increasing the effectiveness of their immune system.
  • Grows brain matter: the biohacking entrepreneur is constantly seeking opportunities to improve their potential and encouraging brain growth, especially after the younger developmental years, is an incredible benefit.
  • Improves ability to multitask: the biohacking entrepreneur typically has their attention drawn in multiple directions, as they seek and invest in opportunities in business and personal improvement.
  • Increases focus levels: the ability to focus all of one’s attention on the task at hand is incredibly important to the biohacking entrepreneur, in order to finish projects as efficiently as possible and produce the best results.

The list of scientific benefits of meditation goes on and on and we will really dig in to the data in later posts and look at what is required to realize these benefits.


Won’t getting these results take hours of meditation?

For the driven entrepreneur who focuses all of their attention and becomes deeply involved in their work, yet leaves it all at the door when they move to the next task, and pushes the limits of their mind and body’s effectiveness, meditation is an invaluable asset.

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