How the Establishment Destroyed Your Health and How You Can Get It Back

How the Establishment Destroyed Your Health and How You Can Get It Back

Food Should Make You Healthy Series: Part Two

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Good health is the most powerful resource you can ever have. When you’re stuck under the proverbial thumb of low energy and no motivation life becomes uninspired and monotonous. But what if you could free yourself from feeling shitty? And what if everything you’ve ever been told about nutrition and a balanced diet is a lie? The first step is to get a basic understanding of why that is.

The USDA has revised their infamous food pyramid many times under the guise of progress. A step in the right direction, some people thought, but to no avail, because there are gaping freaking holes in their entire scheme. A scheme devised to support the interests of industry rather than humans.

Modern nutrition isn’t really based on science. It’s based on corporate and governmental interests. Us modern folks, should be taking a science-based approach to our health rooted in logical principles, but our society promotes the direct opposite.


It doesn’t take long to realize that the very structure of these supposed nutritional requirements is based on deeply flawed principles. If the USDA understood Einstein’s definition of insanity they might think twice about their recommendations. In case you’re wondering, it’s to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. You’re not insane, so why make dietary choices that are?

Just think about your extended family and group of friends for a minute. I’m willing to bet most of us know someone with cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disease, or even just chronic low energy and lack of focus.

Where do you think the rise of modern illness stems from if not the foods we nourish our bodies with? I know you get it, but the vast majority of people aren’t putting 2 and 2 together. Nutrition is a lot like climate change. Thousands of reputable studies proving a theory that millions of people still turn a blind eye to. But I digress…

What happens when you actually get the nutrients your body needs? Something special happens, you get the energy you need, to do what you want, aka: you may even experience a little phenomenon called freedom.

Freedom, the fundamental ideological principle we all strive for and it starts with what we put in our bodies. The freedom to unleash the energy necessary to follow your dreams and hustle towards what you want in life. It doesn’t come without the fundamental building blocks that biohacking aims to provide and nutrition is a big one.

Who Has your Best Interests at Heart?

Your mom. Ok, but besides her, who should be looking out for your best interests? Your doctor, your teachers, the government, so why is the material they’re promoting so void of positive results?

I mean, if this stuff worked would we be where we are today? People are sicker than ever from modern and totally preventable diseases. It was only recently that some positive changes were made to the food pyramid, they swapped out the layer of refined carbohydrates and grains at the bottom with more fruits and vegetables, big whoop! Because there are still large gaps in their recommendations that aren’t being addressed and that most people don’t even realize.

The truth of the matter is, only you can truly have your best interests at heart. Taking responsibility for educating yourself about what health strategies will get you results is the first step to finding the freedom you’ve been looking for. Freedom in the form of more energy and focus to achieve your goals with gusto. Be it in business, relationships, getting a hot bod, whatever, all of these things start with the fuel you put in your body. Get committed to your own health and you’ll get results.

My aunt always bought into the ‘low-fat’ and ‘diet’ trends. She was constantly buying anything labelled with these elusive and meaningless terms. Did they get her the results she was looking for? Um, definitely not. She kept gaining weight, her energy levels got worse and worse and seemingly without reason since in the eyes of her Doc and the government, she was doing everything right.

When her daughter went to school to study Holistic Nutrition she was able to convince her to ditch the junky diet foods and just eat real, whole foods. Easy right? Everything changed after she did that. She started to lose weight, her health problems faded away. The bottom line, she was once again in control of her health and now has the energy to live her life to the fullest.

A Pyramid of Ignorance

You might be wondering what’s so terrible about the food pyramid anyway? Let’s start with the facts that this food fallacy likes to promote…

  • Fat is evil. Especially saturated fat. Eat more canola and soybean oil if you don’t want heart disease.
  • Lean meat and chicken fed a diet of GMO grains is the way to go.
  • Genetically modified foods are fine and dandy, eat up!
  • Organic food is unimportant and not worth mentioning.
  • Grains are a health food, have another sandwich.
  • Cholesterol is the devil and will kill you, so eat some more pasta.
  • Dairy is the only way to get enough calcium, duh.

Ok, first off please excuse my cynicism, but for real, even with the new changes these guidelines are a joke. Let’s address the reasons why.

Fat is Where it’s At

Saturated fat is of particular importance for energy production. It’s your bodies best source for sustaining long-term balanced energy levels. A large percentage of your cell walls are actually made from saturated fat, it’s a building block of your freaking cells!

The idea that saturated fat causes heart disease and high cholesterol has been long debunked, just ask the 347,747 people who participated in a series of 21 studies which showed saturated fat did not increase the risk of heart disease. So the good news is meat isn’t bad for you, as long as it comes from healthy animals. You can indulge in delicious beef tenderloin without worrying about harming your heart or raising your cholesterol. If you don’t know where to get high-quality grass fed beef check out Grassland Beef (they deliver).


What Does Your Food Eat?

What animals eat matters. It matters a lot, and feeding animals a diet contrary to their natural diet doesn’t make much sense. Ill logic aside, eating animals fed a natural diet is a hell of a lot better for you than their growth hormone, antibiotic injected counterparts. Most animals are reared in a way so far from what nature intended, and they’re being fed a diet consisting entirely of GMO corn and soy.

The truth about GMO’s is that we don’t really know the long term consequences of these foods. Humans are being treated like giant guinea pigs and allowing Monsanto to use the planet as it’s test tube is probably not the direct path to a healthy, vibrant population. There are plenty of studies which show negative effects from genetically modified foods.

Don’t Panic it’s Organic
Leading people to believe organic food isn’t important for our own well-being and the planets is like leading a fish to the desert. Organic is such a no-brainer.  Do you want your food to be grown with the aid of petrochemicals, known endocrine disruptors and carcinogens? Or do you want it grown with compost and natural seaweed fertilizers in a way that nourishes the environment instead of taking away from it? Seems like a pretty meaningful choice to me and maybe even something worth mentioning in the Nation’s dietary guidelines.


Grains and Gluten Galore

Grains are promoted as a health food but is that really the case? Even with the most wholesome of grains, their invisible external membranes make them impossible to properly digest without soaking/fermenting before hand. Ignoring ancient preparation methods for foods that are difficult for our human gets to break down doesn’t seem like sound science to me.

You’ve heard about the harmful side effects of gluten for digestion and even neurological health. With all the chemicals being used on wheat is it any wonder that celiac and gluten intolerance are as rampant as they are? Yet the USDA still promotes ample amounts of wheat without addressing potential issues. Refined grains aka anything made from flour besides being really hard to digest turn into sugar in our bodies, spiking insulin and adding to the diabetes epidemic.

Cholesterol Might be Your Friend

Cholesterol isn’t evil. In fact healthy cholesterol is actually a protective substance necessary for good health. Healthy fats and animal foods don’t cause high cholesterol which leads to heart disease, sugar, vegetable oils and refined carbs do, the very foods being promoted.

You don’t need to drink milk to get calcium and other important nutrients. In reality the dairy industry is pretty nasty and by the time that milk is pasteurized to death there’s nothing good left.

This video explains our dairy conundrum better than I ever could:


What Diet Has to do with Biohacking

Listen, if you want to hack your body, mind and spirit you need to get the diet down first. If there were a biohacking pyramid, food would be at the base. Because when you change your diet, you take back control of your health. When you stop listening to the endless stream of food propaganda and learn for yourself what’s healthy and what’s not, you free up a ton of energy and potential.

Biohacking is all about unleashing your highest potential and increasing your performance to levels you didn’t know existed. That’s a pretty big goal, which is why the techniques involved are so multi-faceted, biohacking is so much more than supplements and cool gadgets. Hacking your nutrition is the first step to possibly hacking your entire life and maybe even getting the results you’ve long wanted.

How to Get Your Health Back for the Long-term

The big whopper of modern nutrition is the concept of dieting. In what Universe are diets a sustainable approach to healthy living? You can only starve your body of the fats it needs for so long.

I like the lifestyle approach, it’s long-term, it’s results-driven, it’s based on knowledge and deep understanding. While it might evolve, essentially once you’ve learned what there is to know the principles remain the same.

The 5 Nutritional Factors Essential for a Hacked Lifestyle

Listen, there are some really simples changes that you can implement in your diet starting today. It’s not rocket science and the bottom of the bottom line is just eat real food. Start with these fundamentals and get on the path back to freedom. Because it all begins with what we choose to nourish our bodies with.

  1. Eliminate sugar and anything that turns into sugar like grains and refined carbohydrates.
  2. Incorporate plenty healthy saturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Eliminate vegetable oils like soy and corn that cause excess inflammation.
  3. Avoid processed, refined, premade, chemical laden packaged foods and anything labelled ‘low-fat’ or ‘diet’ like the plague.
  4. Eat organic fruit and veg as much as possible and free-range meats fed a natural diet free of antibiotics, GMO’s and growth hormone.
  5. Ditch the grains and dairy, they aren’t essential to good health and they certainly aren’t doing you any favors.
We put together a list of the best foods for your brain.
✓ Which fruits are a good source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients
✓ Which Spice is the most beneficial for your brain? Hint: it has a gold hue
✓ Which nuts and seed are packed with nutrition

You can download the list by clicking here

Eat Your Way through Nutrition Opinion Changes

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The Real Food Pyramid

You might not be excited after reading that. You might even be a little scared. But I promise there’s a whole new world on the other side of these addictive substances.

Making these changes doesn’t have to be hard either. There are some amazing resources out there to make healthy living easy and convenient. Thrive Market is one of them and only stocks high quality organic REAL food which they send straight to your door. So you can completely avoid the zombie parade ever present at the grocery store.

Now I want to tell you a little about my story from microwaved nachos at every meal to real food advocate…

When I was growing up I ate so much junk food. It was bad. By the time I was a teenager my hormones were way out of whack. Enter adulthood and it’s no wonder I settled for a lame uninspiring job, how the hell is anyone expected to go out there and strive for more when most of us don’t even have our basic nutritional needs met? I sure didn’t.

It took years of learning and experimentation to figure out my optimal diet. But when I did? Everything shifted. I’ve seen loved ones experience the same outcome. More energy, better focus, increased productivity. I was able to work on side projects so that eventually I could leave the 9-5 world behind. And I know it would’ve never happened if I hadn’t taken control of my health.

All from eliminating the unnecessary junk that the government says you need. Because in the end you matter more than the well being of corporate America and Big Ag. You deserve to be free, now go clean out your fridge.

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