Biohacking Entrepreneur EP01 – Dr. Nicole Rivera – Healing the body from the inside out

Biohacking Entrepreneur EP01 Dr. Nicole Rivera – Healing the body from the inside out

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I want to introduce you to the person who’s helped hundreds in today’s fast-paced, competitive corporate environments, business people, and entrepreneurs especially, that work in high-stress conditions daily. Her name is Dr. Nicole Rivera, author of Eat for Your Condition Cookbook Series and the 1st book in the series is called Eat for Your Gut, and she’s a master of healing health conditions through food.

I undoubtedly believe that if we fix what we put in our bodies we can eliminate 99.9 percent of the illnesses we experience. Nicole Rivera, who has been studying the effects of modern diets and routines on our lives for over 5 years. She quickly realized the frequency of chronic pain and inflammation in our society was not just about physical ailments. This led her to birth Integrative Wellness Group, a place where people can heal physically, neurologically, chemically, and nutritionally.

Dr. Nicole has a passion for healing the body from the inside out through proper nutrition and condition specific functional medicine programs. She’ll reveal her strategies for mental clarity, sustained energy, and other life hacks.

All of us, at some point in our entrepreneurial journey, have to grapple with the ability to preserve our health in high-stress conditions. Dr. Nicole’s here to empower you with strategies and advice for overcoming those challenges like a pro. Enjoy!


  • The effects of the high-stress environment and poor diets.
  • How to make the right diet and fitness choices to be in a peak state
  • You will learn how functional medicine treats for your condition, not just for your symptoms
  • Finally, we go over a few short, simple, easy to implement “hacks” that you can implement today to have the greatest impact.


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