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Guest Post Requirements

If you’ve been following our blog’s featured articles, you may be interested in contributing an in-depth, self-reflective story of something you recently learned or discovered.

The goal of guest posts on Biohacking Entrepreneur is to show young entrepreneurs’ how to systematically plan, track, analyze and refine biohacking strategies to get the most performance out of themselves. They can use these strategies to optimize their mental and physical performance to get ahead in business and life. You need to show a potential human performance problem you encountered and then show how you solved it?

The following is a general guideline for what we’re looking for.

  • We pride ourselves on featuring exclusive, original and raw material that will blow our readers away. Please only submit to Biohacking Entrepreneur if you are comfortable with us being the sole publishers of your article
  • Article must be on the following categories: Body, Brain, Motivation, Success, Productivity, Technology, Books, Relationships and Entertainment. Some of the topics we want to talk about are generating optimal energy, stress Management, Recovery, Resilience, Mental Performance, Timing & Efficiency, and testing & tracking. Your post should be focused on increasing readers’ performances in the aforementioned category.
  • Write in your own voice: How would you explain your idea to a good friend? Use that conversational tone when you write.
  • Controversial posts welcomed and it is not necessary to agree with me or my point of view
  • Feel free to swear away to your heart’s content, but don’t be abusive to others!
  • When in doubt, link it out. Our readers come to us for ease-of-use and resources. So, if you write, “I once went to Saison restaurant in SF, where I learned about the book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing from a friend,” you should link out to what we bolded. Make it easy for readers to dig deeper! TECHNICAL REQUEST: Always have links open in a new tab, please. In other words, I don’t want people to leave my site.  Here’s how to format links to open in a new tab.
  • For bonus credit, please suggest further reading from past posts on our blog that are relevant, and link to them.
  • Do not get discouraged if we turn down your post. We may not like your topic, idea, format or it just may not be the right time for that topic on Biohacking Entrepreneur. We invite you to submit again in the future.
  • We do not accept links to a sales page or paid product. Please do not include one in your post or author bio, as we will need to ask you to resubmit, which will delay the publishing process.
  • Have fun with it! If it’s not fun for you to write on some level, it won’t be fun for our readers to read. Tell stories, crack jokes if you like, and be yourself. Try and enjoy the process and the end product will be better.

How to Submit a Guest Post:

  • Format – Your guest post should be 1000-2500 words in length. Longer post will get preference.
  • Posts for consideration must be supplied in either Word, Pages, or Text format with no HTML embedded
  • Author agrees to accept minor editing and insertion of images and links including expanding/decreasing on the bio if necessary or relevant
  • Please remember to include a short biography (approximately 2-3 sentences long) — it’s how we will provide you with exposure and build your profile as a writer. We accept one link to a website, personal blog, social media platform or free, content-driven product.
  • The author must agree to get involved in the comments section and also with social marketing – not doing this could magically cause the links back to you to disappear

Tips to keep in mind as you craft your blog post for submission.

  • The Headline. Your headline is one of the most important parts of your blog post. Do your best to write the headline and if you aren’t sure, then submit three or four different headlines and we can help you choose the best one.
  • Storytelling is key. Tell your story in the beginning to hook readers into continuing to read the rest of your post. Make your post more engaging by tying your personal story into what you are talking about. Raw and real generally work best. Don’t be afraid to go “there” in your writing. Our audience wants to see and feel your vulnerability and experience your journey with you.
  • Images are important. The right image not only encourages people to click on the blog from the main page (and on social media sites), but it also moves your story forward and strengthens your message.
    • It could be a personal image, an image you own, or a creative commons image that we have permission to use. It is very important that we have the right to use the image on our blog post. Violating copyright laws is not cool.
    • Feature images should be 640 pixels wide (min) by 540 pixels high (this is ideal but could be wider). High resolution, please. You must own the image or provide a direct link to the picture you are using, not just the photographer. You can also include an image for inside the article, in addition to the feature image.
  • Break up your copy with sub-headers to make post more scannable. If it’s a long post, you use sub-headers that add a punch of character and/or entice the reader to keep reading.
  • Bullet point or number your list and use block quotes to make it more scannable for the reader. Also consider using short paragraphs and bold/italics to make it easier to read. If you have any questions about formatting, check out any of our most popular posts for examples and inspiration.
  • Add a tweetable to your content. Keep it around 100 characters (no more) because we have to add your blog URL and our Twitter username (@biohacksuccess). Pull your best bits from your article to tweet.
  • Include a call to action – like a tweetable, a question at the end, or a request for specific comments.
  • Promote your post! Once your post has been published, we highly encourage you to share it via email, social media and your personal website/blog.
  • To submit, email us at [email protected]:
    • Your full post with a working title. Send this within the body of an email.
    • Any relevant images for your post. (Send as separate files, not pasted within a doc.) Send only images that you own. (See our photo guidelines.)
    • Your bio (120 words or less) with links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages, in brackets: [].
    • A headshot or photo of you to use for your bio.


    • Submit only one post at a time: We read every submission we receive but we are a small staff and can’t respond to every submission. If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 14 days. If your post has not run within two weeks of submission, we have passed. Feel free to submit a different post after 14 days.
    • By submitting to biohacking entrepreneur you acknowledge that you accept our terms and any form of editing the biohackingentrepreneur editorial team deems necessary.

By submitting text, photos, and video to Biohacking Entrepreneur, you agree that the content does not infringe or violate someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law. You also grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to publicly display your User Content on