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Building a Personal Development Plan That Actually Works

Building a Personal Development Plan That Actually Works

Motivating Self-Improvement: Part One

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In this series, we will be examining how to motivate and realize self-improvement in your personal leadership skills, relationships, communication skills, and learning strategies.

Creating effective self-development plans is an invaluable skill

Creating effective self-development plans is an invaluable skill

We believe that everyone should develop entrepreneurial skills, regardless of the roles they play in their personal and professional lives. The traits of an entrepreneur can positively impact nearly every area of your life, whether or not you are taking on a financial risk to start your own venture. We believe one of the most valuable of these traits is the constant eye for improvement and opportunity, in the form of both external opportunities and personal development opportunities.

Tired of setting goals that don’t go anywhere? Across our team, we have spent countless hours wasting time on unmotivated, ineffective methods of self-improvement over the years. Building on the combined experience of the’s staff, we have created the ultimate guide to setting goals and building a personal development plan that will succeed.

In this post, you will find:
• How to build/motivate your goals with a personal vision, by arranging your thought process backwards from traditional thinking
FREE goal setting worksheet to walk you through the process we use at the beginning of any new project/goal, step by step
• How to motivate/refine your goals through personal leadership
FREE guide to building a personal leadership development plan
• How to drive your goals through personal management
FREE personal management review checklist

Build a Personal Vision into Personal Goal Setting

You have to start at the end...once you know what is driving the goals you are seeking to reach, your motivations will increase drastically

You have to start at the end…once you know what is driving the goals you are seeking to reach, your motivations will increase drastically

If you have read our post about Capitalizing On Your Incoming Traffic, you will remember Simon Sinek’s application of a “Golden Circle” in building a vision. Instead of focusing on what you want to do, then determining how, and leaving the reason why as an afterthought, Sinek claims that all great leaders and companies focus on why, which drives the how, and the what comes about as an aftereffect.

Traditional Thinking:

“At we provide only the best resources for those who want to perform better as individuals and as entrepreneurs (what), by only recommending the biohacks, techniques, and tools we have tested ourselves and are currently using (how). Please subscribe.”

“Apple creates great computers (what) by making them beautifully designed, simple to use, and user-friendly (how). Buy one.”

The Golden Circle

Backwards Thinking That Drives Real Results!

“ believes in empowering and encouraging others to become the best version of themselves they can be (why). We do this by building a community for like-minded individuals in which we share our failures and successes with biohacks, techniques, and tools that we have tested (how). We just so happen to have great resources for entrepreneurs looking to push the boundaries of their potential as a result (what).”


“Apple believes in thinking differently and challenging the status quo with everything they do(why). They do this by creating products that are beautifully designed, simple to use, and user-friendly(how). They just so happen to make great computers as a result(what).”


Asking why first will increase the personal motivation you have tied to the goal setting, which gives you a huge step up towards success.  When discussing the ability to achieve success with personal development goals, Stanford University psychology professor Kelly McGonigal states, “You [have to] get to something that just feels so obviously important.”

Ready to set goals that motivate you?

If you want to reach your goals your need to write them down….EVERYDAY!! Here’s a FREE goal setting worksheet PLUS 3 additional tips recommended by researchers to help you set goals that you will reach!

✓ Figure Out How To Get Clearer Focus

✓ Learn How To Effectively Use Time

✓ Learn How To Plan Out Your Day

You can download the worksheet by clicking here

FREE goal setting worksheet that will help you set goals that you will reach!

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Guide Your Personal Development with Personal Leadership

You deserve the same leadership you would invest into a team

You deserve the same leadership you would invest into a team

If you have filled out the worksheet, you now have a specific set of goals and an action plan built upon a motivating, personal vision. Often, once we have set goals, we tend to lose sight of developing our personal leadership skills. We recognize the importance of a personal leadership development plan, but taking action on our goals and projects takes precedence over developing these skills.

Why is it that, when we have “employees” or others relying on us in a project, we place a large amount of importance on developing personal leadership, yet, when we are the sole caretakers and beneficiaries of a project, we choose to let this focus slide. Recognize that you deserve a strong leader just as much as any employee and work to fill that role in your personal goal setting.

Believe that you can focus energy on the tasks at hand and on your leadership development simultaneously. Turn the pursuit of your goals and the action items necessary to obtain them into leadership lessons. We have put together an outline you can use to drive your investment in your goals by developing and applying your personal leadership skills.

Your goals are set, now keep yourself motivated and invested through their completion.

Moe came up with a great guide for you guys to plan out your personal development.

✓ Learn How To Measure Your Progress

✓ Learn How To Stay Accountable To Yourself

✓ Learn How To Organize Your Goals

You can download the plan by clicking here

Building a Personal Leadership Development Plan Outline

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Drive Your Personal Growth with Personal Management

Constantly review your work from the perspective of a manager, in order to keep driving results

Constantly review your work from the perspective of a manager, in order to keep driving results

You have a set of personally motivated goals and are keeping the purpose and vision fresh through personal leadership. However, sometimes you still need the outcome-centered, action oriented managerial oversight to keep pushing your personal development plan to achieve results.

The personal management presence in a project asks forward-focused questions and works to keep you not only invested in your goals, but achieving results. To round out the resources we have put together to help your self-improvement efforts succeed, here is a free weekly review to keep you accountable and taking steps towards success every day. Set your management review on the calendar for the same time every week, then take an hour or so to fill out the review. With practice, it can take as low as 30 minutes per week!

Weekly Management Review!

You can download the weekly review by clicking here

FREE Weekly Management Review!

Enter your email to receive your FREE Weekly Management Review!

We use these tools and thought processes to guide each new project, self-improvement opportunity, and business venture we begin. We hope they are helpful in your journey to achieve success and constantly move towards maximizing your potential.

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