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The Biohacking Entrepreneur website is created with the purpose of helping young entrepreneurs and founders optimize their minds as well as their bodies in order to achieve as much success as possible in life. The process of learning how to master one’s self is going to allow you to develop your strength, willpower and vitality. This is something that will surely influence every other aspect of a person’s life and that is the ultimate goal.

We are all individually blessed with unlimited potential, but the need for proper empowerment and enlightenment are required in order for people to have true balance in their lives, with healthier relationships and the chance for a life that is both rewarding and fulfilling.


The process of altering our biology for the purpose of optimizing it is the main goal with biohacking.  Once we are able to master it, we will be able to focus properly, to maintain a higher level of energy and to perform better in business and life, not to mention the ability to free our bodies from any kind of disease. The only way to make that happen is by tweaking the things that we are putting in our bodies and our minds.


An entrepreneur is basically anyone who is willing to accept any kind of financial risk in order to start new ventures and see them succeed. This word can also be associated with a person that is trying to organize and run a new idea or project within an existing business structure. A person in this role is often branded as innovative, independent, optimistic, creative, and hard-working. However, this word is often misused or loosely applied.

Biohacking Entrepreneur includes a comprehensive method of optimization techniques and physical skills that will help you to elevate your mind and body so that you can succeed in business with power and clarity.

The Founders

Moe and Zay Mir are the founders of Biohacking Entrepreneur. Our goal is to be a resource for those who are willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to be the best version of themselves and the best entrepreneurs. Those who constantly seek out what makes a successful entrepreneur. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have grown tired of “experts” on personal development and biohacking providing high-level theory, without any detailed steps to accomplish anything. Because of this, we have set out to share our experience with others, so they can learn from our failures and our successes. We only recommend the processes we have tested ourselves and are currently using.

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